Michigan Vacation: August 2014

Last summer, I enjoyed my first ever solo plane journey, and also my first vacation with my boyfriend. His family has a summer home (his mom’s childhood home, which she inherited) in Michigan, just a short drive from Lake Michigan. 14 acres of land, half of it pasture and half of it gorgeous deciduous woods, featuring fruit trees, wild raspberries, and wild peppermint, his summer happy place is also mine.

Upon my arrival, I first spent several days exploring Detroit with my cousins, and my favorite aunt and uncle. I’ll add photos of my Detroit explorations later; I just couldn’t wait to share these.

Because my boyfriend’s family does not live there full time, they have requested I not share the actual location of said amazing summer residence, so I am abiding by their wishes. I have not named any very nearby towns, and have removed all GPS tagging from the photos prior to export.

While I spent a week with them, we visited Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. I did NOT know Michigan had dunes like that, nor did I know there was a ferry between Michigan and WI! You learn new things every day. We enjoyed local food from a FABULOUS restaurant in Traverse City, Trattoria Stella. I cannot recommend them highly enough; I had Atlantic Scallops and a housemade Mozzerella ball…. I thought I’d died and gone to food heaven; the cheese was superbly succulent and flavorful without being overbearing. The texture was chewy and malleable on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, but the flavor remained identical throughout.

This is definitely a trip I plan to repeat this summer. Michigan, here I come!

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