About Me


I’m Elizabeth. Like any Type A person, my photography obsession began with another obsession: horses. I had taken up horseback riding, and hated that manes and tails were always blurry. On my mission to fix blurry manes and tails, I learned more than I intended, and fell in love with creative framing, light, and contrast.

Seven years later, I want to tell your story the way I’ve shared mine: in photographs. I work to capture the emotion and framing of a photograph, from the radiant glow on the face of a bride, the ecstatic grin of a graduating senior, or the warmth of a family’s interactions. Whether requiring a commanding presence, corralling a group of 20 family members at a wedding, or becoming a fly on the wall for a party or an event, capturing the intricacies of relationships and human interaction, I’m the woman for the job.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Call me at (360) 689-4927 or e-mail me!

-Elizabeth Doll

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